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Navigating day to day life without being able to read is hard to imagine. In Ulster County, 16,000 adults are functionally illiterate. Imagine.

For more than 40 years, Ulster Literacy has been welcoming adult learners from all walks of life. People learn basic reading skills as well as English as a new language in a safe, confidential setting. With the support of trained volunteer tutors, our learners achieve personal goals such as getting a driver’s license, attending a parent/teacher conference, becoming a citizen, or finding and keeping a good job.

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  • 2023 Annual Report Published
    Ulster Literacy Association recently published its 2023 Annual Report.  VIEW ANNUAL REPORT  As I began my tenure as […]
    Looking for a Meaningful Volunteer Opportunity?Become an Ulster Literacy Tutor! People who choose to volunteer with Ulster Literacy […]