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Monthly reporting

This fall, as part of celebrating our 40th anniversary year, ULA will be debuting a new website.  In order to focus our public site on advocacy for our mission, we will move administrative and tutor support functions off the main website to a new in-house set of web pages.  All of the existing Tutor functions will be retained, with only minimal cosmetic changes.

When this change becomes effective, you will no longer reach the Monthly Report and Tutor Resources through the public website.  Instead, you will be given a special link that takes you directly to the new version of this page.  The Monthly Report itself will be unchanged.

Details on this change will be provided in coming weeks and there will be a period during which both the current and new pathways to your tools will be available.  When the new website goes live, only the new direct link to Tutor resources will be active.

Thanks for your patience during this exciting transition.

Monthly reports from tutors help us track learner progress and quantify volunteer time contributed.  This helps us to guide learners as they progress and provides us with the statistics needed for grant funding.  Timely submission is important to us, because late reports do not give us the credit that we and our tutors have earned.

Create a monthly report.

When you click the link above, you will be presented with a brief list of questions to answer.  Some, marked with an asterisk, are required; others can be left blank if you have no applicable information.  When you have finished, just click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the questions.  That's it.

Thanks for everything you do!

Tutor resources:

Here are some things that may help you when working with your learner.