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Empowering People Through Literacy

It's so rewarding to establish a relationship with someone who is from such a different background, who is eager to learn, who works so hard every day before he even meets with me in the evening.  Over the past year, I know Margarito has really benefited from our time together, not just to learn our language, but to establish a relationship and learn more about American culture.  We've been to the local library, to church, to one of his soccer games, a Renegades baseball game, to the grocery store shopping, and to my house to dine and watch a soccer game together.  I'm positive that what I'm doing is really making a difference in his life, and I am rewarded every time we meet.

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My student Maria told me she still has a hard time understanding instructions from her boss because she speaks so fast.  Recently however, she told me "I understand better now- the written instructions".  In the past, she used to run to the bathroom to work out what her boss had just told her!

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At the core of our effort is personal contact between our volunteer tutors and our students.  To make that work, we must match students with tutors and provide them both with a friendly environment in which they can meet, along with the materials needed for learning.  Our administrators make this happen and collect the evidence of our success that is needed to secure our funding.  Although personal interaction is our main focus, we need some physical objects to assist our teachers and to perform administrative tasks.

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