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36 Scrabble players compete to help farm workers

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Monthly reporting

Monthly reports from tutors help us track learner progress and quantify volunteer time contributed.  This helps us to guide learners as they progress and provides us with the statistics needed for grant funding.

Reports can be submitted either online or mailed to the office.

Online submission

To submit an online report, open the online form, enter the requested data, save the resulting file (and notice where it is being put!) then attach it to an email to  You can keep your copy of the file for your own records.


When entering the data into the form, your keyboard will be in either Insert or Overlay mode.  Sometimes this is indicated at the bottom of the editor window by an abbreviation.  In other cases you will just have to observe what happens as you type:

On Windows computers, you can switch from one mode to the other by momentarily pressing the Insert key. On any computer it may be possible to switch modes by clicking the INSERT or OVERLAY indicator at the bottom of the window.

Hard copy submission

If you prefer, you can submit a hard copy report by printing a copy of the Hard copy form, filling it out by hand, and either dropping it off at the ULA office or mailing it to:

Ulster Literacy Association
480 Aaron Court
Kingston New York 12401

Hard copy forms can also be picked up in the ULA office.