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Ulster Savings donates $5000 for farmworkers program

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Empowering People Through Literacy

Horace is a very independent person and hates to be dependent on people to either read or write for him.  It is something he has struggled with all his life.  As for ULA, he said, "It has helped me tremendously.  I can do things I could never do before.  It (i.e. his reading) isn't perfect but I can now read well enough to understand what is being said.  My spelling and grammar aren't great but I can get the message across."

Although the lessons we worked on is an enjoyable process, I have always believed that the other part involved, is building trust, emotional connections, as well as working hard and playing hard! For people who are immigrants, struggling to work very long hours and keep their families with housing, food, etc., I know that they, too, greatly looked forward toward our weekly visits!! That always makes my day!!!!!!

Veronica has availed herself of tutors from Ulster County Literacy for around 8 years, albeit having a full time job and the care of 4 children and husband doesn't leave her much spare time.  This evening she wrote: "I need to speak more English, but my English is gotten so good that I now understand my teenage boys when they talk very fast." ...Voila!

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Supporting Ulster Literacy is an investment in our community

The cost effectiveness of our services is unparalleled as we recruit, train and support a small army of volunteers who work one to one or with small groups.

We currently have 160 active tutors.  If we paid each of these tutors $30/hour for an average of 2 hours per week over the course of 50 weeks, we would need $500,000 additional dollars in our budget!

Contributions are very welcome

New York State Department of Education supports us, as well as many local businesses and individuals, including the Dyson Foundation, United Way, Ulster Savings Bank Foundation, Alcoa Foundation, Markertek, Aetna, TD Bank, Rondout Savings, HITS, DAR, Rotary, and others.

But individual donations are essential.  ULA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your donations are tax-deductable.  Join many in our community by supporting this important work.

Consider a legacy gift.  By simply including Ulster Literacy Association in your will, your impact will be felt for many years to come.

We provide services to over 400 adults every year - at no cost to them.  For $650, you, or your company, can sponsor an adult learner.  Please call the agency at 331-6837 if you have further ideas about how you might support us.  As a community-based agency, your involvement is crucial to our success.  Thank you.

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Do you buy stuff from Amazon?  Without increasing your cost, you can get them to chip in a small amount for ULA when you purchase any of tens of millions of products.  It's simple to do: just click here to go to Amazon Smile and connect it to ULA.  You may be prompted to install a 1Button app on your browser for even faster access; be sure to read the terms of service, since the app does collect some personal data and its use is completely optional.

Amazon will remember that you signed up for the Smile program.  In the future, if you go to, they will occasionally remind you that you are enrolled in the Smile program and give you the option to go there instead.  Other than that, you'll shop as you always do, but knowing that ULA will benefit in a small way from your purchases.  You can read more about Amazon Smile.

Major Sponsors

The organizations listed here are providing major support for the mission of the Ulster Literacy Association.